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Critical Failures: AWESOME POST in "[DnD 4E Discussion] OptimusZed: Stealing all your bandwidth

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Absolutely awesome "Gamma World" hilarity ensues.
Post: [DnD 4E Discussion] OptimusZed: Stealing all your bandwidth for the update.
Forum: Critical Failures
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Posted by: Hexmage-PA
Original Content:
OptimusZed wrote: »
Terrendos wrote: »
OptimusZed wrote: »
Terrendos wrote: »
OptimusZed wrote: »
Terrendos wrote: »
OptimusZed wrote: »
Terrendos wrote: »
OptimusZed wrote: »
The best part about the Durasteel Wang/Regenerative Biosteel Limbs combo is the reroll when you use your wang as a ranged weapon.

No, the best part is splitting the Durasteel Wang down the middle and letting both regenerate into Dual Wielding Durasteel Wangs.
Think bigger.

We could be quad-wielding thrown Durasteel Wangs.

Get your head in the game.

Let's not get into thrown weapons here. A Durasteel Wang would have to be a Heavy Thrown, and that's taking the weapon out of the DEX stat where it really belongs.

EDIT: Just look at the Wang Mastery feat. Requires 20 DEX. You really want that extra chance of crit in the late game.
A Zombie Robot could swing 20 Dex by Epic no problem. They'll probably want it for feats like "Duck Headshot" anyway.

But at that point you're really dumping your Will defense. And how are you going to handle the inevitable Mutant Hackers? I mean, unless you like putting holes in your friends with your own Durasteel Wangs once they override your neural net and send you into floor model mode.

And seriously, if your DM sees you going for this kind of build, there's no way he's not going to throw some Mutant Hackers your way.
No brain, no Will defense. No defense, no successful attacks.

Try to keep up.

You're forgetting Gamma World Handbook Chapter 9 Subsection C Paragraph 2 Clause 4:

"All Robots are considered to have a Will Defense for the purpose of negating any subversive program or hacking attempt on their processors. This represents the chance of the robot's software or hardware to be of a sufficiently alien nature that the attack cannot succeed."

Looks like someone needs to back to Gamma World School. Besides, if that were the case, why would there be Mutant Hackers with powers that specifically target PC robots?
Ah HA! But you're forgetting that the Litigation Subjugation Mutation quality allows me to ignore one clause in any of the core books of my choosing.

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  • Kristmas KthulhuKristmas Kthulhu Registered User regular
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    I don't really know what this is, but if there's actually a rule that allows you to ignore one clause in any of the core books, then that's freaking awesome.

  • SupraluminalSupraluminal Registered User regular
    edited October 2010
    Makes me think of Nomic.

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