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How can I flatten a paper insert that has gotten wet?

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I was taking out the garbage this morning right after it rained and saw that someone had thrown a copy of Tekken 6 on the ground next to the dumpster.


So the disc is fine (the first thing I did was dry it off and throw it in my PS3, I ended up playing for like an hour), the manual was a almost damp, but is now fine, but the insert was soaked. I laid it flat and let it dry, but now it has a weird "ripple" texture that you see on paper that has gotten wet. The ink hasn't smeared at all, though.

Is there any way to flatten this out so it doesn't look so weird when it's in the case?

I mean, I can't really complain considering it was the weirdest kind of free, but it would be cool to have it look nice with my other games.

Any ideas?

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