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Homestuck: Alterniabound

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Welcome to Homestuck, a story of seven acts.



We are on Act 5, part 2.

EB: :D
EB: see you soon!

CAA: banished fr0m the universe we left behind
CAA: and yet in being denied the ultimate reward
CAA: we w0uld be barred fr0m entry
CAA: int0 the universe we created


its n0t like a decisi0n y0u are ab0ut t0 make will invariably lead t0 every pr0blem we have and will ever face as well as the great und0ing itself
just keep listening to y0ur angry impulses it will all be fine


every effect is als0 its 0wn cause
0ur tw0 universes exist 0n 0pp0sing sides 0f a m0bius strip which is 0f c0urse n0thing but c0ntradicti0n
enj0y engineering the present pr0blem as y0u try t0 s0lve it

For those of you who are just joining us, and would like to know more about the story...


And please post your reactions so we can vicariously relive meeting all these characters for the first time! It's tradition.

The story is told as if it were a text adventure game. Each command you click underneath the comic is really just a next button. All the commands for the first year of the story were suggested by Homestuck readers on the MSPA forum. A few weeks before Homestuck's anniversary, Andrew locked all the suggestion boxes and took over command-authoring. He still gets input from the community in subtle and unpredictable ways.
P.S. It's made in Photoshop and Flash

Introduction to the MSPA forums by the inimitable Wheatthins

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