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You Don't Know JACK -- Get it for consoles, not PC. OP has more details.

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You may be able to express your own dog's anal glands, but when it comes to trivia...

YOU DON'T KNOW JACK, the original quiz show party game, is back and more insane than ever! You're the contestant in a truly interactive game show experience, complete with cash, prizes, backstage characters, pounding music, bizarre sound effects and your snarky host, Cookie Masterson. Play at home or online - alone or with friends -as you battle through a trivia mind-field on your way to victory, defeat or, more likely, utter humiliation.

You might ask, "Wait, aren't there already other trivia games out there?" Well, sure, but...they kinda suck. Others have been desperately trying to recreate what YOU DON'T KNOW JACK pioneered - hilariously twisted trivia presented in a fast-paced, in-your-face game show - with varying degrees of failure.

That's why we've decided to re-imagine a new-and-improved YOU DON'T KNOW JACK for the 21st century. All of your favorite elements are still there: the twisted multiple-choice questions, musical question intros, the DisOrDat™, Screw Your Neighbor™ and the Jack Attack™. But we weren't content to just repackage the old experience. There are of course all-new questions, all kinds of new face-melting features and surprises, and all-new game modes - including online play!


Way back in 1995, YOU DON'T KNOW JACK became an instant best-seller and defined the trivia game market for adults with its groundbreaking interactivity and inspired fusion of high culture and pop culture. With 15 years of brand recognition, 50 industry awards, and over 5 million games sold, YOU DON'T KNOW JACK is finally re-establishing itself as the gold standard for interactive trivia games. While this game is all about trivia, there's really nothing trivial about the new YOU DON'T KNOW JACK.

[strike]Coming to Wii, PS3, 360, DS, and PC January 25th![/strike]

[strike]New release date is February 8th.[/strike]

It's out!

They even brought back Cookie!

Website! Go there and play the demo they have up. It'll give you a good taste of what the full game will be like if you've never played YDKJ before, and if you have, well, it's still fun!

The superior versions of this game are probably the PS3 and 360.

Big button controllers have support here, but not on PC. Additionally, the layout changes when the game autodetects you are using your nerdy trivia controller in order to make things easier for you. A nice touch, to be sure.

Nobody has said anything about how the Wii version is, and I imagine it's probably the exact same number of episodes and everything as PS3/360, but with shittier graphics, so if that doesn't bother you and you're comfortable with probably using the D-pad to answer questions then go nuts.

The PC version is gimped.

Only two people can play the PC version of this, and only locally. No controller support, either. This was a case of bait and switch; the people who published the PC version are a different team than the console versions and unfortunately we didn't have a hint about the shitty quality of the PC build until release day. So PC players, unfortunately, got screwed (yes, I meant to do that).

The DS version has fewer episodes due to cart restrictions.

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