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I'm a monogamous social drinker and Claire only sleep-hits me. (Modern Family)

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This is Phil Dunphy.

No wait. Sorry. Start over. This is Phil Dunphy.


Phil is the dad that most dads wish they could be. He's a real estate mogul (what) a real estate agent living in California with most of his extended family. He's basically a big kid who loves technology, practical jokes and doting on his wife Claire.


According to Phil, Claire is a perfectionist which sometimes comes in handy, like when picking a husband. It's hard to believe that he had two girlfriends before meeting her (on the other hand, we can onlly account for the fling she had with former golf pro Happy Gilmore, but it's safe to say she was a little wild back in the day). Together, Phil and Claire have three children.


Luke, Hayley and Alex. Hayley is either always on her cell phone or making out with her boyfriend Dylan (who is like, in a band). Alex always has her head in the books, and using her brains to outwit and outsmart her brother and sister. Which, with Luke, isn't very difficult. Claire and Phil both agree that Luke is their dumbest kid. He's always getting his head stuck in furniture, playing with boxes and occasionally he wears pants.


Next up is Claire's brother Mitchell and his boyfriend Cam. Mitchell and Cam have been together for about six years and recently adopted a daughter (Lily) from Vietnam. Their personalities seem to counterbalance the relationship very well. While Mitchell is mild mannered and career driven, Cam isn't afraid to speak his mind and cause a little drama (he even once exclaimed that their friend Pepper managed to make a gay couple hate brunch).


Finally we have Jay, his wife Gloria and her son Manny. Jay is Claire and Mitchell's father, and he married Gloria almost two years ago. She's from Columbia and is the definition of a trophy wife. But that hasn't stopped her from bringing some of her culture's traditions into the whole family, as well as convincing their neighbors that they own a parrot. If you've been following along, this makes Manny Claire and Mitchell's step brother, which if you just went off how he acts (he wears smoking jackets and drinks coffee) would make sense. Manny is 11.

And there you have it, the definition of a
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