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Call of Duty: Black Ops (BLOPS) Enemy New Thread, in your area

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Old Thread with MW2 info and stuff


Call of Duty: Black Ops

"There's a soldier in all of us"

A brief history of Call of Duty:

Call of Duty. We're now in our 13th iteration of the franchise. Sure, things started out in World War II, and then all of sudden we were shooting zombies and everyone was like "lawl treyarch!!!!1one." Then we blinked, and we were some dude named SOAP. Then a lot of innocent people died in an airport and soccer moms lost thier shit. Then all of a sudden a military wizard nuked the international space station when Russia was all like "u mad?" and pushed our shit in until we fought back and were all "DANGER CLOSE? WHAT'S THAT?"

And that's before bobby Kotick fucked Infiniti Ward's mom.

This time, things will be different

Aside from a lucky few of us that have played the game due to broken street dates, no one really knows the plot yet. Watch some of these videos instead:

Now with that out of the way, let's talk about what you're really here for: shooting mans with your friends.

First things first: The PA 360 Community

There are a couple ways you can join in the fun. First, add either the meta tag(s) A PA CoD Clan or A PA MW2 Clan (which may or may not be full at this point). From here, you can view other people on the tag and invite them to your game. I may do the same if the group I join needs more people, but sometimes I just want to pub-stomp, so don't be offended if I ignore you. Also, send the invite to the clan tag. Everybody sending one invite is far more convenient then me sending every invite.

PA PS3 Players

Here are a list of people that play on the PS3. If you want your name added, please PM me.
PA Handle - PS3 Name

Duke Phillips as Grizz359
mFiend as mFiend
Saint Justice as Saint__Justice (2 underscores)
Ah_Pook as Ah_Pook
SLyM as OvertlyEsoteric
Ketar as Ketar
themaxvoltage as themaxvoltage
Handfalcon as Handfalcon
Deadspace as Deadspace
Garris as Garris256
PBC-66 as PBC-66
initiatefailure as Subtle_Ties
KidDynamite as NinjaForHire
Alazull as Alazull
ex_peludo as veryeasytarget

And finally, the PC Version


Not anymore! Treyarch and Activision did something crazy, and you're not going to believe this but, they actually listened to the players! That's right, we have our dedicated servers back, as well as other goodies. Here's a list:

Here are some PC tweaks and tips you can try:
s1ppycup wrote: »
I'm not sure if this fix has been posted yet, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I tested it myself and the difference is HUGE.

-launch blops multiplayer
-ctrl alt delete
-in your task manager, right click steam.exe and set priority to LOW
-set priority on blackopsmp.exe to HIGH

I still see people jumping around a little bit, but my PERSONAL performance is butter-smooth. It's like night and day, literally 100% better. Try it, if it works for enough people please put it in the OP.

I'm not 100% sure why this works, but there have been rumors that blops is not using video RAM effectively. If that's the case, setting the priority on the mp client higher is probably alleviating the problem at least partially by allocating a larger percentage of system RAM.
Sceptre wrote: »
Reposted from some random website:
If your PC supports multi-threading:
seta r_multithreaded_device "1"
in config_mp.cfg (Steam\steamapps\common\call of duty black ops\players)

How do I improve the game's sound quality?
You can change sound to CD mode: 16 bits 44000 hz CD via control panel sound setting.

Misc. "potential" performance tweaks:
Run Steam in Offline mode > Start Black Ops > End the steam.exe process > Set BO process priority to high
/r_multiGpu - should be set to "0" if you do not have a multi-gpu graphics card.
/r_blur_allowed - people are reporting minor frame boosts with this set to "0"
/r_distortion - people are reporting minor frame boosts with this set to "0"
/r_dof_enable - people are reporting minor frame boosts with depth of field set to "0"
/r_glow_allowed - people are reporting huge frame boosts with this set to "0"
/cg_brass - people are reporting minor frame boosts with depth of field set to "0"
/r_cachemodellighting "1" - people are reporting minor frame boosts with depth of field set to "1"
/r_cacheSmodellighting "1" - people are reporting minor frame boosts with depth of field set to "1"

I tried all of these and it made no noticeable difference, maybe some of you will have better luck.

Your mileage my vary; these did little for me, while other report drastic increases. if the game did work okay for you, here's an awesome list of stuff that Treyarch is doing for us PC folks:

Awesome, right? I know! So here's how you can play:

Step 1: Join the Steam Group

Here it is: It is a closed group as of the launch of the game, so why didn't you join sooner? Ask in this thread to get added. We also have a 15-slot vent server that was part of the package deal the server guys were running. That info is private and only part of the Steam group. Once you join the group, if your Steam name differs from your forum name, for God's sake post it in the comments so we know who you are!

Step 2: Add our server! We have our own, 18-player ranked server for us to abuse and kick non PA people out of. Here is the server info:
PA Ranked Dedicated Server Info

The PA Black Wang Server Lives!

Server Name: PA Black Wang Server

Currently Serving: Team Death Match

Step 3: Identify yourself. Make sure you add a [PA] Clan Tag.

Step 4: In the words of the Glorious Tube, Obey they Golden Rule of the internet: Don't be a dick!

Other thread stuff

Q: What's this I hear about a bus?
A: We rode a bus all the way to hypeville. This is what it looked like before we got here:

Q: Can I bitch about Halo:Reach in here?
A: That's not good form, but whatever.

Q: Is Quick Scoping still in this game?
A: No

Q: Are people upset about it?
A: Just a little.

A list of features, perks, weapons, and other stuff.


Other Game Info

More Media

We're all off the bus. Our butts are sore, we smell kind of bad, and we probably left our cell phones in the seat-backs. But we're here! Time to shoot mans in the gun game!

DietarySupplement on
Skull2185 wrote: »
Basically, (PlayStation) Home is Second Life Ultra Light? Most of the cool stuff, none of the creepy blimp on blimp fucking.


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