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The APRIL PICK-UP THREAD - because you don't have enough things.

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[Thread Logo to Come]

In a thread idea shamelessly stolen primarily from NeoGAF, here's Penny-Arcade's official Pick-Up Thread, the first in a series.

This is the thread where you post what you've picked up recently. Show your gaming/geek cred & pride here.

Over on the GAF they had out bans for posting stock images, and I don't have the power, so all I can do is ask nicely:

Post ACTUAL pictures you've taken yourself! No one cares to see pictures they can find on google images....

In addition, DO NOT CRITICIZE other people's pick ups. This is a friendly thread. No need for insults!

So have fun. Go!

I love this thread, so let it be reborn! The first thread died back on the 12th. That's four days. Four days without a pickup thread.

For shame!

Also: seriously, can someone with a modicum of electronic artistry make us a logo? Update: Thanks Figgy!

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