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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "so...uh...Cars 2", by Rankenphile

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bsjezz wrote: »
YaYa wrote: »
man, jezz


don't get me wrong, i would be happy for my kids to watch them

would i pay attention? no

not like i would to the fantastic mr. fox

this is the problem. kids miss the subtleties anyway, so why not make the subtleties really fucking deft, rather than just sort of half-hearted nods to adult sensibilities? the fantastic mr. fox was genuinely interesting and challenging, much more so than anything i've seen from pixar, and the kids still love it.

bsjezz wrote: »
i don't think so

i think a lot of people are a bit naive about just how blunt and unsophisticated the emotional manipulation in your average pixar film is
Post: so...uh...Cars 2
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Posted by: Rankenphile
Original Content:
holy shit some of the ignorant bullshit being said about pixar and their quality is incredibly infuriating to someone who actually studies this shit


I get that maybe you didn't care for the story of Up or Wall-E for some reason. That's fine. They were somewhat saccharine and naturally they're formulaic - it's a hollywood film, they're all formulaic.

But you absolutely cannot deny that Pixar is creating the best pieces of long-form animation being produced for the mainstream today. Their story process is impeccable, and they manage to boil every single shot down to its most pure essence, as well as making sure that there is little to no unnecessary moments in the entire film. The opening sequence to Up, in particular, is one of the best pieces of storytelling I've ever seen. Absolutely masterful.

Their animation is astounding. Absolutely, jaw-droppingly wonderful. If you argue that point, you're fucking wrong. That's all there is to it. This isn't an opinion, these guys are fucking good at animating. That's a goddamn fact.

Their shot composition, use of color and layout and techniques for leading the eye around the screen are exceedingly clever. They know and understand the principles of film-making and use them exceptionally well. They are leading the pack in terms of what the technology is capable of. Shit, they fucking invented half of the cg technology we take for granted today.

So, fine. You can say that you didn't like the film, that's fine. But you cannot say the films were bad. Because that is wrong. They are amazingly, wonderfully great films that you simply didn't care for.

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