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Giant Robots, High School and other stuff (Sym-Bionic Titan)

Spectre-xSpectre-x Registered User regular
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Some of you may know this gentleman:


No, you say? You don't? That's fair, that's okay, I bet you know the things he did, though! Things like:






Oh, and he did the storyboards for Iron Man 2 as well.

What, you still don't know? Get the fuck out.

Anyway, now that all of the philistines are gone I can get down to business. The business of telling you people that Genndy Tartakovsky, animator extraordinaire, is currently doing a new show on Cartoon Network. Well, I say new, but it's been on for a couple of weeks already and I simply don't think that it gets talked about enough here.

So here it is:


Oh my!


Oh my!

Yes, Sym-Bionic Titan! The story of three high-schoolers:


Lance, Ilana and Newton Lunis who have to pilot their giant robot and save the earth!

Wait, high-schoolers? Lame! Yeah! But! They're not really high schoolers. Actually, they're aliens posing as high-schoolers because their home, the planet Galaluna, was overrun by this guy:


General Modula! Who's very cross with Ilana's father, the King of Galaluna, for a variety of reasons, but the most recent one is the fact that he managed to send his daughter to earth, along with her bodyguard, Lance and Newton, whose real name is actually Octus. Octus is also a powerful and highly sophisticated robot who, alongside Lance, has to keep Ilana safe from Modula and his monstrous Mutraddi forces.

Oh, and the government's interested in them as well.


Basically, the show is completely incredible. The animation is excellent, the story is compelling and told extremely well and the voice-acting is top-notch. John DiMaggio and Tara Strong do loads of different voices, and oh, yeah, Octus? He's voiced by Brian Posehn.

It's funny, suspenseful, heartwarming (and -breaking) and pretty fucking creepy and intense on occasion. As an example, they didn't go the Samurai Jack route of having all casualties be robots. They didn't go that route at all.

The show's on every Friday, with reruns every Saturday and it is definitely worth checking out. It also manages to somehow get better with each episode, without showing any signs of stopping. It's actually quite amazing.

So watch it, or if you're already following it, talk about it here. It's really, really, really good.

EDIT: There's also a completely hilarious drag race episode that basically ends with this:


You need to see this.

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