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TaminTamin Registered User regular
Hey, patrons of Moe's.

I have, since my last thread here, actually located and purchased a reasonably priced Famicom ($40, after shipping). holy shit this thing is tiny

I only have a couple of small, minor, barely worth mentioning problems.

The first is I can't tell if the bloody thing is working.

It came with the original power adapter; google assures me this will work correctly. It has been plugged into a power strip, as I have no free wall outlets just now. As there is no LED, I can't actually tell if it's turning on.

I'm using the RF switch that came with the NES; google, again, claims this'll work fine.

I've tried to change to the usual channels (96, 95, 83, 43) but to no avail.

Does anyone have experience with making this silly thing work on a modern tv? For reference, I have the Toshiba 19hlv87 -

1) there's a menu option for 'programming', that failed to find the signal.
2) changing to '96' and then hitting 'display' claims that I'm still on 03.
3) I've tried the ch1 <> ch2 switch in both directions, as well as the tv <> game switch on the console itself.




there was an 'cbl' option in the menu that I had to select first, and then ask it to run the programming.

Success, if slightly fuzzy success

Tamin on


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