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SECRET SAINTS :: Saintees have been posted!

mullymully Registered User regular
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back by popular demand...


Oh, those rascally Secret Satans!

All they do is want, want, want!

"Oh," they say, as they twirl their evil mustaches in their leathery fingertips.
"I have to give something BACK in order to receive something? Well, I suppose, if I must."

We, the Secret Saints, say NO! I WANT NOTHING IN RETURN BUT THE JOY I'LL FEEL FROM YOUR JOY! For, there is no such thing as a selfless act.



You're broke, you're in college and completely drowning in work, you're illiterate, your family is thousands of miles away -- for one reason or another, you don't have the means to give anything this year and doubt you will get anything, and it would be really nice to get something from a Saint.

1) You must NOT be on the list for Secret Satans.
2) If you do not receive anything, you can't whine. Seriously.
3) You must post after you've received your gift, and appear happier than the happiest you've ever been. That is your gift back to the community.
4) Would appreciate it if you were on the honour system here and truly could not afford to participate in Secret Satans this year, not just "Didn't feel like going through all that trouble."
5) If you get a lump of coal or a single lego brick, refer to #3.
6) If you have a kid that you can't afford to buy for and would prefer someone bought a toy for them or something, please give us the sex/age of the brat.


If you wish to remain anonymous you must STILL FILL OUT ALL THE INFORMATION REQUIRED IN THE EMAIL, but if asked, I will post only the details you request; for example, "mully" may be posted as "27/F in need of copic markers" instead.


You're kind and generous -- or maybe you just have a ceramic cat in the house that you've been trying to pass off onto someone else for the past 8 years. Whatever the reason, you want to open your wallet to another individual and say YES! YES, I AM AWESOME.

1) No extreme lurkers. Sorry guys, but I'll be looking up your screen names and making sure you aren't crazies. Or at least, aren't bad crazies. I need to see your words to judge you by, y'know?
2) Try to get your gift to your selected person(s) prior to January 15th. Of course if you decide not to do it at all, that's cool too. You're kind of running your own boat here.
3) A postcard counts as a gift. A small bag of marbles counts as a gift. A single jellybean tied with a ribbon counts as a gift. I think you get the point.


1) Sign-ups for Saintees end on December 3rd, 2010.

2) SAINTEES will sign-up by filling out the below and sending it to solidsaints AT gmail DOT com


Screen name:
Real name:
Mailing Address:

3) After the 6th, SAINTS will be welcome to select as many people from the list to gift as they desire, by emailing me the following:


Username/Assigned # of chosen Saintee OR quantity of people you would like randomly assigned to you.

If you have any questions, post 'em in this thread.

Last year some of us donated $2.00 per Saint to Child's Play - I can't afford to do that this year, but if any of YOU want to do that, PM me and I'll add your noble endeavor to the OP.

Happy Holidays!


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