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I'm A Member of Trapmart!

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Are you an inquisitive, yet bored teenager?

Does hanging out with a speech-impaired dog sound like a good time to you?

Your glasses! Can you not see without your glasses?

If so, you might want to join... Mystery Incorporated!

It all began with this:

then became this, which was awesome:


There was some stuff with Scrappy Doo, two subpar live-action movies and now...

Scooby's back.

That's right! Meddling kids are in style again, so we've got a new series!


It features the gang exploring mysteries in their hometown of Crystal Cove (The Most Haunted Place on Earth!)

Packed with references to old Scooby Doo, and tons of self-mockery, this is the best Scooby in ages.

Scooby and Shaggy are still hungry, Velma's still nearsighted, and Fred is more obsessed with traps than ever before.

Check it out on Cartoon Network, Mondays at 7.

Be there, or be that guy who gets sent to jail for running around with a cheap mask on.

Butler For Life #1 on


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