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League of Legends: RIP Sunfire Garen, 12-14-2010. You will be missed.

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League of Legends is a DoTA (Defense of the Ancients) style game made by some of the people that worked on DoTA Allstars. It's free to play; but, includes augmentations that you can buy with real money or in-game points.
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Get on the G&T vent to play with us (list at bottom), the vent info is stickied at the top of the forum.

There's a ton of info on the game, and I don't want to reinvent the wheel. So, check out:, the game database provided by Riot (who make the game)., there are a lot of fan sites out there with general information and builds. This is just one; and, it's kinda slow as shit. Regardless of where you look for builds keep in mind, most of them make assumptions that are not clearly conveyed and there are a lot that are just plain bad. Tread lightly.
KillerCodeMonkey's wiki, add your brilliant shit to it.
Game mechanic shit, stuff like how attacks and magic and fuck work.
Rune break-dancing, good info about what runes you should buy.

The new code was posted about a page back. It's L R L R D D U U 3 4. It works.

Zoelef wrote: »
Drop $20 for the Retail Box (Amazon, Best Buy, GameSpot, Newegg, Target, and Wal-Mart typically have this) It gives you $10 in Riot Points, take those, then buy $10 in Riot Points and $5 in Riot Points. Spend all of them on the second champ pack.

That's $35 for 40 champs permanently unlocked; none of the post-40 have ever been in a bundle AFAIK.
Cutfang wrote: »
Q: How can I get champions and save money?
A: You won't have to spend a cent if you simply play games and earn enough IP to buy them all. If, however, you wish to hasten the process you may buy champions with real money. The most cost effective way to buy champions is by purchasing the two bundles on offer.
For $45 you can buy 6380 Riot Points, which are used to buy champions and skins. 3900 of those points gets you the Digital Collector's Pack, which contains 20 champions and includes 1380 Riot Points (huh?). If you were to buy the champions individually it would cost 37800 IP or 9620 RP. The Digital Collector's pack can also be bought in stores or online as a boxed copy, which may save you a significant amount of money.
3410 Riot Points gets you the champions bundle. This contains some more expensive champions. Bought individually they would cost 60750 IP or 14350 RP (ish).
This leaves you with 450 RP, enough to buy yourself a single skin!

I've decided not to deal with updating this obnoxiously coded picture assortment of champions. So go to the LoL wiki for the updated Champion list.

Valiantine has a lovely spreadsheet that you can add your summoner name to.


I placed everyone's name in the OP to this neat and tidy spreadsheet. You should be able to edit it yourself, find your name and fill the fields. If anyone is getting problems, PM MooMan or VaLiantine, because I don't understand simple spreadsheets.

Here is a video to help improve your laning!

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