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revolution [chat]

Dread Pirate ArbuthnotDread Pirate Arbuthnot WRIGGLYOMG WRIGGLYRegistered User regular
edited December 2010 in Debate and/or Discourse
Gentlemen we live under the iron fist of a man who wants to dominate the way we [chat]. His name is Will, and he is stuffy and old, therefore we must rebel against him. Here are Will's weaknesses, so we can ruthlessly exploit them to regain our glorious [chat] for the [chat]ters


Will does not approve of unorthodox fashion, no matter how kawaii.


Will does not care for the food that we gulp down over sessions of World of Warcraft and D&D. He calls himself a 'gourmet', but we really know that means he spits on the common folk and retreats into his ivory tower to eat some cassoulet and coq au vin. What is that shit? I spent all my time learning Darnassian which has proven to be FAR more useful.


Will does not care for our rich and detailed fantasies, painstakingly reenacted through plastic resin figurines.

Will is a brutal tyrant who must be stopped.


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