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Plea for Penny Arcade to finish the Rainslick Series of games

mordaki987mordaki987 Registered User new member
edited December 2010 in Penny Arcade Games
O_o I realize this plea may fall upon deaf ears. But i would like to strongly ask, beg, plea, grovel whatever you want to call it to Penny Arcade to complete the On The Rainslick Precipice of Darkness series. You can't just leave it hanging at episode 2. I realize deathspank at least i think thats the name of the game took precidence but you can't ignore us fans of the rainslick series of games. You gotta finish what yall started in episode !. The episodic adventures of Gabe, Tych and all of the other characters have to go on to episode 3 and however many episodes penny arcade planned to make of this great and fun mystery rpg style anime game. I hope and pray that somewhere along the line it continues from where it left off.

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