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Every man needs a place as to lay his head

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A place we call home. If we're born there, or come by some other means to find a place as we lay our head at night, we all have a home.

Mine is at the bottom of the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle. Crown city of the state of Washington; it's rainy season right now.

Looking right down the road from my front stoop.

An old, but stylish joint right around the backside of my block.

And a block past that, a surprising feature of my local landscape that if often overlooked from being shadowed by taller apartment blocks-

Show us were you live. Show us what's around you. Places of interest. Google street views. Sat views.

Step outside and take a couple of photos. Is the grass green? Are you buried in snow? Are you living in some southern desert hell?

Show me your place.

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