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MechWarrior[miniPhalla]: Game over! Jade Falcon victory!

3clipse3clipse Registered User regular
edited January 2011 in Critical Failures
The Inner Sphere.

A collection of planets ranging from tropical paradises, to barren desert worlds, to frozen arctic tundras. For years the Inner Sphere has existed in relative peace. Wars break out, and there is certainly conflict a-plenty, but never had there been a serious threat to the stability of the system.

Until C.E. 3052, and the invasion of the Clans.

The Clan warriors were unlike any the Inner Sphere had ever seen. Well-trained, well-disciplined, confident, and utterly deadly. Clan Mechs were more powerful than the Mechs of the Inner Sphere and carried strange weapons, lighter and more powerful than their Inner Sphere counterparts.

Through blood, sweat, and superior numbers, the Inner Sphere halted the Clan advance and took back some of their lost worlds. They had thought the worst over.

The year is C.E. 3058, and Clan Jade Falcon has returned.

They are not the largest, nor strongest, of the Clans, but they are by far the most zealous. Because of this, they are quite possibly the most dangerous.

A garrison on Tharkad VII, a small moon orbiting the Lyran Alliance capital planet, detected a small Jade Falcon scouting party not far from it and dispatched its small contingent of Mechs and foot soldiers to intercept the Clan warriors.

Tharkad VII, however, is known for electrical events, and just as conflict began, a massive storm knocked out most advanced electrical equipment in the area. Mechs and their weapons still function, but passive IFF is offline, as are passive defense systems. The Clan warriors, with their superior Mechs, are still able to identify each other; the Inner Sphere soldiers were not quite so lucky. Fortunately, TacCom satellites were unaffected, and can begin to slowly identify each combatant on the field; they merely await input.

The utter darkness of the moon at night, combined with the raging electrical storm, has made fighting with optics impossible; the Mech pilots must target by grid, and hope that what they're shooting at is, in fact, an enemy Mech...

What is This?

This is a MiniPhalla for 24 people. See this thread for more information on what a Phalla is.

How the hell does this thing work?

The goal in this Phalla is to eliminate all of the opposing faction's Mechs (there are 3 Inner Sphere Mechs and 2 Jade Falcon Mechs in operation).

Each Mech has certain abilities that it may use. These vary between the different Mechs. Mechs may be in one of four conditions:

Fully operational: All abilities available
Damaged: Only some abilities available, and these are less effective than normal
Off-line: Mech may do nothing
Destroyed: Mech is removed from the game; pilot continues as a member of their faction with no abilities.

How Mechs take damage depends on their class. In this game there are three classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy.

Light Mechs take 1 point to become damaged; if hit again while damaged, they are destroyed.

Medium Mechs take 1 point to become damaged; if hit again while damaged, they become off-line. If hit again while off-line, they are destroyed.

Heavy Mechs take 2 points to become damaged; if hit again while damaged, they become off-line. If hit again while off-line, they are destroyed.

The rules governing actual Mech abilities and mechanics will be explained in detail in PMs to the pilots.

Other roles exist and have their own abilities, but they don't need to be discussed here.

Important Mechanics for All

The vote is not the normal elimination. The vote, instead, is a public alignment seer (it does not give any information on roles). The vote does not trickle. In the event of a tie, the last target to reach the total (i.e., the most recent vote target) will be seered and the results announced in the narration.

Elimination of every part of a faction but its Mechs will not result in victory; it is entirely conceivable for a faction to win while out-numbered.

Order of operations (assuming that any of these abilities even exist):
Seer > Guard > Other Abilities > Kills > Bus Drives/Vote Manipulations > Vote

  • No anonymous contact. PMs, proboards, IRC or IMs etc are all allowed as long as both players talking know who the other is in game. Additionally, please send me links to any proboards you create.
  • No screenshoting or direct quoting of your role PM or any other information I send you. You are allowed to paraphrase it if you want.
  • Dead players may not converse with living players and vice versa, here or on any proboards, or any other place. When you die, whatever you know dies with you. You are allowed one Ghost Post, but it may not contain any game information.
  • Voting is done in bold red. Retracting can be done in bold lime but is not required, just revote.
  • Posts containing a vote can only be edited within 5 minutes of the post being made (and obviously not after vote close). Don't delete posts.
  • Clarifications should be asked in bold orange.
  • You must make ONE vote each day, as well as at least ONE non-vote post. If you fail to meet these requirements you will have 24 hours to respond to my inactivity notice PM or I will contact a reserve to replace you.

Vote Close will be at Midnight EST (American), aka 9 pm PST, aka 5 am GMT.

There is a distinct possibility that there will be a break depending on how peoples' holiday schedules pan out. Obviously, nothing will be required to happen on Christmas Day.

Player List:
2. Kay
3: Moridin889
13: Darkewolfe
16: NotoriousBEN
18: immortal squish
20: Ringo
22: Wildcat
23: Kellie
24: Nodgarb

The dead:

schuss - Inner Sphere Scout (eviscerated)
samurai6966 - Inner Sphere Soldier (vaporized)
JaysonFour - Jade Falcon Warrior (blown to chunks)
Farangu - Inner sphere Tech (blown up and vaporized)
shalmelo - Inner Sphere Soldier (vaporized)
Suki - Jade Falcon Warrior (blown to chunks)
Dunadan019 - Word of Blake Holdout (eviscerated)
B:L - Jade Falcon Warrior (vaporized, blown to chunks, and headshot)
HamHamJ - Inner Sphere Soldier (vaporized)
Kime - Jade Falcon Warrior (blown to chunks)
The Anonymous - Jade Falcon Warrior (headshot)
Spoit - Inner Sphere Sniper (eviscerated)
Alegis - Jade Falcon Assassin (headshot)
Teucrian - Inner Sphere Scout (vaporized)
Matev - Jade Falcon Scout (blown to chunks)

If you missed the deadline, sign up anyway; now accepting [strike]additional cannon fodder[/strike] Reserves.


Q: How do we sign up?
A: Any post in bold lime!

Narration Links
Minute 0
Minute 1
Minute 2
Minute 3
Minute 4
Minute 5
Minute 6
Minute 7

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