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steam secret steam thread for steam

WhippyWhippy Moderator mod
edited December 2010 in Singularity Engine++
okay let's do a wham bam quick thing


let's do a steam secret santa thing! what with the steam deals now and things being awesome for everyone


the sticky wicket here is you have to be buddies first to receive a gift from someone I guess?

so here's my idea

since we're all buddies already right

everyone pm me a link to their steam community ID thing

and I'm gonna update them all in this first post here

and then everyone has to add everyone else, because of the buddy thing, otherwise I have to be like ADD WHIPPY TO YOUR LIST SHE IS BEING FORCED TO GET YOU SOMETHING

okay is everyone with me so far

and after I have enough IDs I'm gonna hotshot this and send out names willy nilly

so whoever you get, you get

no price limits either way

does this make any sense or am I an r-tard

and let's say this lasts until either I get tired of it, or christmas is over

Macro9 wrote: »
What's the deadline going to be for this? The sale is on until Jan 2nd and I will not have any free money until Christmas has passed. I'd like to get involved if possible.

let's say you can sign up for it and the deadline should be, uh...a week after the sale is over? or something? I'm playing this fast and loose, and I'ma be honest, if you skimp on your thing, there ain't gonna be no bad times, you ain't get no banned or nuffin

but you will be mocked and shunned
also, as runner of this, I won't be throwing my name in the random pot, but people should still gift me things because I'm running this and I'm awesome
no kates allowed

Whippy on


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