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Ha! You thought I'd have a picture of Matt Smith in a Fez, didn't you?

What you have experienced is a subversion of your expectations, in where I set you up to expect a certain scenario to occur, but then make something different happen. Subversion can be used in a variety of ways, such as humour. The simplest humourous subversion is to take a joke or piece of wordplay that is well known and has lost its appeal. For example, "Make like a tree...and kill yourself". By not only avoiding the obvious pun of "make like a tree and leave", but by replacing it with a far more vulgar suggestion, you hopefully can't help but laugh at the absurdity of it.

I could give another example, so I will. Also I just did, by making it look like I was going to stop but continuing anyway.

Subversion can also be used to challenge the audience's perception about something. A great example of this is seen in The Dark Knight, when the two ferries are rigged to explode. The intimidating black prisoner walks up and demands the detonator to the ferry filled with innocent people...and throws it out the window. Not only does it remind us that common respect for human life is not exclusive to a single class, creed or colour, but highlights how media portrayals of people like that guy often portrays them in a negative light, and yet it's not necessarily justified.

So in conclusion, Subversion can be a flexible tool for challenging our expectations and pouring fresh life into what has become mundane. Thanks for reading.

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