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Dear 2010, GTFO

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Tomorrow is New Year's Eve.


Though it's pretty much an arbitrary marking of yet another trip around the sun, we as a peoples tend to look to times such as this as a moment to mark our personal failings behind us, and look forward to better times ahead. A time of hope, where we find room for improvement and, at least for a short while, promise to ourselves that "I can do this!". New Year's Eve is also a time where many folk perform some of their silliest, dumbest, and most regrettable actions of the year prior or ahead, depending on their poor drunken timing.

Let us discuss our plans for the new year. The mighty 2011 is near, and I would know how you think to treat this next chapter in your lives.

For myself, I don't have any resolutions, as I'm not really starting anything new. In every way that I hope to better myself, it's a continuation of plans that started a long time before the new year. I'm starting school on the 4th, which has me very excited. I graduated high school in 1998, so starting college has both feelings of hope & fear tied to it. My first step towards a degree in journalism. I also have some medical issues to take care of. Lingering problems from a bicycle wreck back in July. I'm hopeful that by summer, I can have everything taken care of and will be able to spend my summer and fall playing soccer and riding bikes in addition to my schooling. On a geopolitical note, I'm particularly concerned about the Korea situation, and I'm hoping that 2011 will see at least some real, tangible advancement towards reunification.

Also, for some of us, instead of the general going to bars or parties, will be hanging out in tinychat.com/seplusplus to perform our portion of silly New Year's stupidity, so feel free to drop in.

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