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GreasyKidsStuffGreasyKidsStuff Registered User regular
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For those who haven't seen it yet, Red Letter Media posted their Star Wars Episode 3 review. Hosted by the wonderfully creepy and borderline-insane Mr. Plinkett, it carefully dissects why Episode 3 is not the saviour of the prequels it is claimed to be.

Here's the link, dunno if they'll pop up on Youtube or not.

"But GreasyKidsStuff, who is this guy? And why does he talk so weird?"

Mr. Plinkett, as he calls himself, is a pizza roll-loving creepy guy who kidnaps kids and reviews films. His Phantom Menace review became immensely popular last year and created a huge amount of buzz for the other films to be reviewed in the same manner. One year later we finally have the third film!

Here's Part 1 of the Phantom Menace review

Here's Part 1 of the Attack of the Clones review

They are both really long though, so set aside a few hours if you wanna watch them both.

And post on my webzone for some pizza rolls!

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