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This is the M240B. If you frequent [chat] you may have seen me expressing my somewhat unhealthy love for this weapon a number of times.

It is the general purpose machine gun of all branches of the US military (Even the Coast Guard!) and most armed forces within NATO. It uses disintegrating belts of virtually any type of NATO 7.62 ammunition, can be manned by a two-man team, mounted on virtually any type of vehicle, has less than a quarter of the malfunction rate of the M60, and, fully loaded, comes in at just under 30 pounds.

I've personally fired several hundred rounds from this weapon. Throughout my company, the round expenditure is probably in the tens, if not hundreds, of thousands. Currently the expended brass are being melted down to make our company's spurs.

If the army let me, I would carry one of these things as my personal weapon. If I was in charge and it was feasible I'd just have every single guy carry one. Even the SAW can't rival the amount of lead these things put in the air. The poor thing's barrel just can't handle the volume.

Also it's probably the second-easiest small arm to maintain. The whole thing has, like, five moving parts to it, and it fires from an open bolt position. I could probably train a monkey to use it.

Excuse me, I've got to go out to our vehicle and tuck our 240 in. It can't sleep without a bed-time story.

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