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PAX East Pokewalker Meetup *Location Changed 3/2/11*

spiderz13spiderz13 Registered User regular
edited March 2011 in PAX Archive
Welcome to the PAX East PokeWalker Meetup

**Sorry! Last Minute Location Changed!**
So I picked a location before the world map was released and I picked wrong. I picked a middle of queue area right when the “Live Demo of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Dev Team Q&A” will be lining up.I didn’t want to make a change so close to PAX but I didn’t want to more work for our awesome enforcers and be in area that would be congested and hidden so
I have moved the spot across from the handheld area. The time will be the same.

See updated post.

First Meetup:
Saturday 1:30pm (confirmed)
Location: Outside the Handheld Area

Second Meetup with Permission from Heleor:
Pokemon Champion's Challenge
Location & Time: 6:30pm on Sunday, Westin Lobby

Prizes: YES!!!
The Twitter: add #paxwalker to your tweets

I always liked these Pokewalkers. I think they are great addition to the Pokemon game. If you are unaware what a Pokewalker is for some reason here is a nice article:

One of the many benefits of having a Pokewalker is meeting other people with Pokewalkers. At previous PAX it was awesome finding and meeting new people just by noticing the Pokewalker so I thought creating a meet up just for that would be a good idea.

What to Do:
Bring your Pokewalker to PAX with you copy of HG/SS of course. Make your Pokewalker viewable to all. Try putting it on your hat, lanyard, shirt, staff, etc. Just make sure it’s well secured! Leave no Pokemon behind.
At the Meetup, say hi to your fellow PAX Trainer, link up Pokewalkers, Trade items, unlock routes and maybe even train and battle for the PAX Pokemon League. Also there will be Prizes!!!!!

As a small thank you to all who come I have gotten some very small gifts for people. Available while supply lasts but I am ordering more hopefully more will come in time.

In Order to get a gift you need to fulfill one of the requirements:

• Have a Pokewalker
• Cosplay as Pokemon, Trainer, Professor, etc
• Be part of the Pokemone League Crew (Trainers with those scarves , Gym Leaders)

Help: I would like to take a group photo as we did in the past but alas I lack the skill and equipment to take a good photo so if you are willing please post or message me.

Thanks to the friends at the PAX Pokemon League

Here is a picture from last time:

spiderz13 on


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