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[Mini-Phalla]: Cybertron Edition - [Draw Game : Stupid host was stupid]

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Optimus Prime and a handful of his most daring loyalists have departed from Cybertron in the Ark, hoping to seek out new sources of energy to replenish the rapidly depleting Energon reserves of the Autobot resistance; Megatron gave chase in his Nemesis star cruiser, leaving the imperial Decepticon legion in the hands of Shockwave.

Under the leadership of Elita One, the Autobots make a desperate defense of the single stronghold still held by the rebels: Iacon. Hope soars, for now, that Prime will return soon (and with him, some much needed relief from the growing Energon drought) – but as the city & it's defenders are bloodied without mercy or relent by Shockwave's forces, a cancerous doubt spreads among some of the guerrillas that Iacon can really hold out until their champion's return...

“...I repeat, scramble all available Autobots to grid cell 0688 of sector 027! Decepticons have penetrated the outer perimeter and are attacking the storage vessels! Confirmed sighting of Trypticon in the area! Omega Supreme is on his way to the engagement, but he needs our support! Roll out!”

You're close now.

The air sizzles with weapon discharges & thruster emissions, and the strewn parts of slagged combatants rattle under your chassis. It took you too damn long to get here; you've missed most of the fighting.

Most of it.

You only narrowly avoid being turned into a puddle of glowing goo by a stray ion bolt as you roar into the debris field surrounding the feet of Omega Supreme & Trypticon. The struggle is heavily in the Decepticon monster's favor, as attested by a severed forearm of the mighty Autobot sentry.

Your conventional weapons can't do anything to help against Trypticon, but there's an anti-ship battery nearby; you might be able to reach it in time...






Five Decepticons land all around you, sneer, and charge. Five of the largest frakking Decepticons you've ever come face to face with.

What's that optimistic phrase Elita One always says? 'The bigger they are...'

The Autobot defenses are broken. Once you've slagged these few remaining runts and Trypticon has finished tearing Omega Supreme apart, the majority of Iacon's precious Energon reserves will be yours for the taking.

Shockwave will reward you handsomely for this decisive victory, especially in light of the string of embarrassingly botched recent campaigns.

Of course, these Autobots aren't smart enough to just go ahead and kill themselves – so, time to get to work...


This is a Transformers themed mini for 30 players, with some crunchy mechanics. If you don't know what a Phalla is, this post can help you out.

There will be a 25 player village (the Autobots) vs a 5 player mafia (the Decepticons). There will be a public list of combatants, but it will be not be public whom is playing which character.

Speaking of characters, you will be building (and naming) your own. After sign-ups are closed, I'll PM you to let you know whether you're an Autobot or Decepticon (and whether or not you have a special role), and then you'll then need to send me your character's specs.

There will be lots of crunchy stuff in the game, but it should be simple enough for Phalla.

The objective for the Autobots is to eliminate the Decepticons. The objective for the Decepticons is to outnumber the Autobots.


Standard Phalla Stuff

Everyone has one vote per day, the mafia has one kill per day. There may or may not be some special meta-roles given to both the mafia & village. The vote take first priority, then the mafia kill, then any special role actions, and finally the results of card plays. Standard rules of conduct apply – do not forward your role PM to other players, do not continue posting the the thread after you're eliminated (beyond the usual single ghost post for humorous effect), etc.

Everything below will be done in private via PM, and I will be making the rolls to determine your card draws.


Each player will have two decks of virtual cards built for them depending on what components & character class they picked – one deck of attack cards & one deck of defense cards. Everyone will be given a starting hand of 3 attack cards and a pool of 3 defense cards (their 'Readiness' pool).

At the beginning of every turn after the first turn, each player draws new cards depending on their current mode of transformation (2 attack cards and 1 defense card while in robot mode, 2 defense cards and 1 attack card while in vehicle mode), up to a maximum hand & Readiness pool size of 8.

Attack & Defense

Each turn, each player may play as many attack cards as they can afford the Readiness cost of. To play an attack card, a player specifies a target and chooses which defense cards in their Readiness pool they want to tap to pay their attack card's Readiness cost. Tapped defense cards cannot be used to defend against any attacks that are made against your character – 'face-down' (unused) defense cards will become untapped at the beginning of the next day, while 'face-up' (used) defense cards will be discarded at the beginning of the next day.

If players wish to do something particular with their defense cards or abstain from using them at all, they should let me know via PM – otherwise they will be used liberally & logically by me to negate whatever attacks they can.


A player will accumulate 1 point of Velocity at the beginning of each day that they start in vehicle mode, up to their maximum possible Velocity. Conversely, while in robot mode, players will lose 1 point of Velocity at the beginning of each day.

Player cannot use Melee attack cards against any character that has a greater Velocity than they do, and can only use Beam or Homing attack cards against characters with a greater Velocity than they do by discarding 1 copy of the desired attack card for every point of difference between the attacker and their target (example: Player A has 1 Velocity point and wants to attack Player B with 3 Velocity points, using attack card X. In order to do that, as an additional cost to play attack card X, Player A must discard 2 copies of attack card X from their hand).

Damage & Destruction

Each player's character has a number of Hit Boxes, and every attack that hits them will do a variable amount of damage to these Hit Boxes. After every Hit Box has been filled with damage, the character is incapacitated.

Autobots are eliminated from the game after incapacitation; Decepticons are merely crippled. They may not take any actions on the following day, and then will be restored to full functionality but with 1/2 of the maximum Hit Boxes. If they are incapacitated a second time, they will eliminated.

Deck Mechanics

Note: you do not have to read this section to play the game. It's just here for the sake of letting players know how their decks are built & how their draws are determined.

Rolls to draw cards will be made on Orokos.

The Attack Deck For Autobots:

Your primary weapons are assigned the numbers 1-4 and 5-8, your heavy weapon is assigned the numbers 9-10, your Melee attack is assigned the numbers 11-14; your primary ability is assigned the numbers 15-18 -or- your secondary ability is assigned the numbers 15-16 and Transformation is assigned the next 4 numbers after that.

The Defense Deck for Autobots:

Evasion is assigned the numbers 1-4, Take Cover is assigned the numbers 5-8; your primary ability is assigned the numbers 9-12 -or- 9-10 and Untouchable is assigned the next number.

The Attack Deck For Decepticons:

Your primary weapons are assigned the numbers 1-2 and 3-4, your heavy weapon is assigned the numbers 5-8, your Melee attack is assigned the numbers 9-10; your primary ability is assigned the numbers 11-14 -or- your secondary ability is assigned the numbers 11-12 and Transformation is assigned the next 4 numbers after that.

The Defense Deck for Decepticons:

Evasion is assigned the numbers 1-4, Take Cover is assigned the numbers 5-8; your primary ability is assigned the numbers 9-12 -or- 9-10 and Untouchable is assigned the next 3 numbers.

Some of this stuff might be confusing or I might've accidentally forgot to dig into the specifics of something. If you're confused & afraid, let me know and I'll try to clear things up.

Otherwise, sign up! Uncle Iacon wants YOU!


1. Dunadaan019
2. Alt_Raven
3. The Anonymous
4. Ringo
5. Matev
6. Phyphor
7. Darian
8. immortal squish
9. Void Slayer
10. Wildcat
11. sterling3763
12. SeGaTai
13. REG Rysk
14. CaptainPalnet82
15. 3Clipse
16. mascara305
17. kellie
18. B:L
19. sir fabulous
20. jackisreal
21. nodgarb
22. Kias
23. Spoit
24. Extermatott
25. romanqwerty
26. Mr. Defecation


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