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PAX East IRC Meetup 2011

SnipethewolfSnipethewolf Registered User regular
edited January 2013 in PAX Archive
So the its official. I was delegated and have setup the meet up for East for those IRC folks that wish to meet up and get some food stuff. Below you can find the all the information you will need to get yourself there and what will be awaiting you to consume to help with the inevitable hangover from last nights drinking and or what not.

IRC Meet up -

Where -
Lucky's Lounge
355 Congress Street, Boston, MA
Google Map

It looks to be about a 10 to 15min walk from the convention center.

When -
Saturday the 12th at 10am

What -
A meet and greet of the IRC people that wish to partake in some food after a long night of possible heavy drinking and or other such fun. Or just to meet up with some of those people you have been talking with on IRC to see who's who.

Food -
Right now with the confirmed number under 20 the menu for the group will just be Lucky's normal Brunch. Check out the PDF below for a full listing of food and beverages that will be offered.

Cost -
As it is a normal brunch menu it will come down to each person. I have set it up so everyone will be on there own tab. If you wish to group up with a friend and combine bills go for it!

Any questions please feel free to contact me!



Please visit the IRC Channel #paforums_pax on for more info!

zerzhul on


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