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[Pre-PAX Bar Crawl] (Closed) Pokecrawl Episode 2: Mewtwo Strikes Back!

Atlus ParkerAtlus Parker Registered User regular
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Soon after stumbling in from your last, "Pokemon Journey", you see a purple envelope. It is an invitation to a mysterious castle that no sane parent would ever let their child travel to alone. Fortunately, it is also a ransom note informing you that your mom, Professor Oak, anyone you have ever cared about, as well as every Pokemon not named Pikachu has been kidnapped and will be put to death if you do not show up. Without a moment's hesitation you grab your Pokedex, fill your camelbak with rum, and secure your Pokeballs (or strap them on). There's a mysterious villain out there and he has the only father figure you've ever known. It's up to you defeat terrorism. It's too bad you're too drunk to f-

Fwhat This Is

Welcome to PAX East version of the PrePAX bar crawl. You may remember me from the other PrePAX bar crawl, The Triwizard Drinking Tournament. Or if this is your first PAX, maybe not. In any case, the Pokecrawl is a barcrawl/scavenger hunt that's Pokemon themed. The goal is to get as drunk as possible while participating in drinking games designed to get you there. Oh yeah, it's also a great way to meet fellow PAXers and make friends before the convention itself. As always, attendees will be encouraged to come dressed in characters from the Pokemon universe (Red/Blue/Yellow generation).

What This Isn't

This still isn't a kegger at the Theta Phi Delta. It's also not Wizard or Twilight themed. We wouldn't want to get punched in the face, now would we?

What's New For Episode 2

Bigger, Better Bars: Even though Faneuil Hall is a new location for us the bars and routes will be thoroughly vetted by a Boston native.

Better Crowd Control: This year marks an increase in the number of groups in order to keep the crowd size manageable. Each team starts and ends at the same bar but will be split into two groups for the challenge bars.

More Leadership: With the number of groups doubling we are also doubling our leadership as well as looking to recruit sober volunteers to help herd people between bars and help get people home at the end of the night.

How To Participate

To sign up, just make a post here starting with "I choose you!" and then your desired Pokemon: !Charmander, !Bulbasaur, !Pikachu, or !Squirtle as well as Group A or Group B to get sorted into the appropriate team. Once you've chosen your starting Pokemon all you have to do is show up at your team's starting bar (TBA). As with my other bar crawls, I will be asking each participant for a donation of at least $1 for Child's Play. This donation will get you your scorecard and your team's button. The team that raises the most gets bragging rights when I present the collected donations to Gabe & Tycho.


When This Is

This event happens on Thursday March 10th 2011 at 7:30pm. Note that the PPD ends at 7:30.

Team Red

For those who've chosen Charmander. Highly spirited and quick to anger. You're governed by the element of Fire. Weak vs Water.

Group A (51):

Group B (51):


Team Green

For those who've chosen Bulbasaur. Tolerant of others and even tempered. You're governed by the element of Grass. Weak vs Fire.

Group A (50):

Group B (49):


Team Yellow

For those who've chosen Pikachu. You are an untamed spirit and refuse to surrender. You're governed by the Electric element. Weak vs Grass.

Group A (49):

Group B (52):


Team Blue

For those who've chosen Squirtle. A rascal and a trickster. You're governed by the element of Water. Weak vs Electric.

Group A (51):

Group B (50):


The Challenges

Nurse Joy & Officer Jenny

This year I am looking for 2 sober volunteers for every team (One for each group) to help herd people from bar to bar, facilitate safe travels home, and help make sure things go smoothly. This position is great for people who don't drink but would still like to participate. If this is you please let me know.

How Do I Win?

There's really no winning, per se. This is pretty much a fun, drunken night out with fellow nerds. But for those of you who do manage to finish your scorecards, there will be a button confirming the fact that you have indeed "drank 'em all". Still not enough? That leads us to...

Battle vs Mewtwo!

For those intrepid trainers who have braved every challenge in Mewtwo's castle will have the chance to face off against the castle's master himself: Mewtwo! Participation in this challenge requires a completed scorecard and successfully defeating Mewtwo will result in a bonus button. Note: If you successfully captured Mew last year wear your Mew button to enlist his aid with this challenge.

Tips & Tricks

Don't Be a Dick: First and foremost, don't do anything that's going to embarrass yourself or anyone else. Especially since alcohol is going to be involved you're going to want to leave your asshole pants at home. Don't get punched in the face. This is Boston, after all.

Know Your Limit: The only person who knows your alcohol tolerance is you. There's nothing worse than an overindulged drunk so don't be that guy. If someone notices that you're getting sloppy you're already past the point of no return. You should probably stop drinking when someone points out to you that you're peeing on a bar stool.

Leave No Pokemon Behind: We arrive as a group and leave as a group. If someone has to be That Guy/Gal who gets so wasted that they think they're actually Brock, it's the responsibility of the crawl as a whole to ensure this person makes it safely back to their hotel. Use the buddy system, handcuff yourselves to each other, whatever. No one is to vomit in a bus terminal by themselves. Not this night, at least.

Respect the Professor and their Assistants: Anyone designated as a Prof/Asst for the crawl isn't there just to hand out stickers; they're there to make sure everyone's having a good time and that everything runs smoothly. They're there to keep everyone moving and to stop people from jumping up on the bar and dropping trou. If one asks you to stop picking bar fights with Tom Cruise, it might be a good idea to do so.

HAVE FUN: This is the most important guideline of all: Have fun! We're all on vacation and we're drinking with fellow nerds so let's enjoy it. Keeping ourselves fairly reasonable for the evening will make it a good time for everyone.

Guidelines For Trainer Duels

When approaching a bar that has a designated trainer duel as its challenge, pair up with your opponent outside. That way we can avoid as much confusion inside the bar itself as we can. Order your drinks together. You pay for your opponent's drink. If you want to buy your opponent a $50 shot that's up to you but that's your financial burden. In addition to the rules of that particular challenge, keep the drink you order at 2 shots or less. Also there can only be alcohol and soda/juice/etc in the drink. Your usual mixers. I don't want to hear about anyone ordering each other Cowboy Killers, Cement Mixer, Bloody Tampons, or whatever other crap you sickos think up.



Previous Bar Crawls (ie my credentials)

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Pokecrawl Episode 1: The Journey Begins

I like the buttons/logo/etc

The buttons and logo were all lovingly designed by Yamara, Sexy Ninetales, and ZeroHourHero because I am too inept.

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