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[PHALLA] r@ndomphalla - It ends with 7

EgosEgos God HandRegistered User regular
edited July 2011 in Critical Failures

You are one of many. A refugee in the City of X. The Last City in the Wasteland.
Ruled by the tyrants simply known as S. and F., they hide in their black fortress, running the city in secret through figureheads and secret police. Fear is their tactic, Gouda is their cheese, Flintstones is their cartoon, and Freedom is their enemy. They have a thousand DVDs that you will never have. And while they sit in their posh underground lairs populated with furniture created by minimalist Swedish interior designers with minimalist leanings, you sit in the gutters along with the rest of the refugees. That is until he arrived.

He emerged from sewers. Heavily damaged and close to complete systems failure, he gave the people a way to fight back. The robot had been taken prisoner during the original coup d'état that allowed the infamous tyrants to take control, he said there was a way to fight back.. the VOTE. He told us to strike out at the puppets. Strike off the limbs to take down the head. And with that he opened up his stomach and out popped 40 usb cords like several dozen umbilical cords with small tablets each on the other end. He told us the tablets were the key. Each member of the crowd grabbed one. Soon the lights in the robot's eyes would flicker out.

But the crowd knew what to do.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7

Expanded Universe

The Dream

PM Fluff

Citizen #
1. Mr.Defecation-Thrall
2. romanqwerty- Guard
3. The Anonymous
4. Dragon6860
5. Hippie
6. samurai6966
7. Dunadan019
8. Cynic Jester
9. Thetheroo
10. Wildcat
11. schuss- Seer
12. Heffling- Vigilante
13. Oats
14. sterling3763
15. Kellie
16. Infidel- Busdriver
17. Ringo
18. CaptainPlanet82
19. daniant
20. Phyphor
21. Kias
22. cheez
23. The Cow King
24. 3clipse- Tracker
25. REG Rysk- Mason
26. Nodgarb
27. Alt_Raven
28. Spoit
29. Raiden333
30. Lucedes
31. shalmelo
32. simonwolf
33. Void Slayer
34. JaysonFour
35. [strike]ronrab[/strike] Rawkking Goodguy - Martyr
36. mascara305
37. Zandracon - Unstoppable
38. lonelyahava- Mason
39. MrBlarney
40. Celebrim

Awaiting Entry
1. Extermattot
The Day Ends At Midnight
(12 AM CST. 10 PM PST. 11 PM MST. 1 AM EST. 6 AM BST. 5 PM AEST)


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