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[miniPhalla] Penny Arcade: Game Over! Village/Twisp & Catsby Victory!

3clipse3clipse Registered User regular
edited February 2011 in Critical Failures
"Goddamnit, Gabriel!" Tycho screamed, darkness swirling around him as he grew angrier. "I have had it up to here with your irrelevant bullshit about your penis, your feces, or some formerly unknown combination of the two!"

"Look man, all I'm saying is that a giant wang made of poo would be pretty funny you know..." Gabe backed away nervously, not liking the look in Tycho's eyes at all. It couldn't be good that they were glowing like that.

"THAT DOES IT!" The air around Tycho erupted as he turned and stalked out of the house. "I have a loyal cohort who will see this through with me Gabriel. Your remaining time on this planet is short; best to make the most of it."

With that, he disappeared, several notable members of the cast missing with him.

But then they all came back anyway.

"You know what, we're going to do this old school" Tycho said, getting out pens and paper.

"D&D man? At a time like this? I know you're a hardcore fan, but I don't thi-"

"Shutup and listen."

Gabe nodded quickly and took another step back.

"We will do this like they did in the old days. 1 name every day, until eventually those of us in the right are left standing."

Tycho looks around at the assembled characters.

"Let's do this shit."

What is this?
This is a mini Phalla! It's like a regular Phalla, but it's only for 26 people. Check out this thread if you want more info on what a Phalla is or how they work.

This one, specifically, is Penny Arcade themed!

What are the rules?

An excellent question!

Do not copy-paste, directly quote, screenshot, or otherwise show people your actual role PM.

1 ghost post, but keep all game info out of it. No talking on proboards when you're dead.

Speaking of proboards: if you make one, send me a link to it. You can put any orders for powers you have on the proboard.

No anonymous contact or ghosting. If you are talking to someone, they have to know your forum handle.

At least 1 vote (in bold red) and 1 non vote post a day. You may retract in bold green but revoting works just as well.

Ask questions in bold orange.
Sign up in bold lime green.

Other stuff
26 person game.
This game is probably going to get insane, because everyone has a unique role with some kind of power. These are of varying levels of actual power: don't feel cheated if you feel like yours isn't "powerful enough."
Vote close will be at midnight EST (5 am GMT, 9 pm PST).

3clipse on


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