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MSPA: now we know who robbed the local Wal Mart

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>Pick up the webcomic
You're not sure if that's a verb copasetic with the abstract behavioral medium in which you post, but you give it a shot


Hey there! For the uninitiated, MSPA is a website run by artist/writer/animator Andrew Hussie, and Homestuck is a story in progress. Homestuck is a comic framed as if it were a text adventure game, told in second person. The command beneath each panel serves a "next" button. Don't forget to read all the dialogue and watch all the musical animations!

Homestuck is also an epic story of time travel paradoxes, alien civilizations, chess monsters, teleportation, human cloning, and Nick Cage tributes.

Wait, forget about that. That sounds incredibly silly! What's the story really all about?
Andrew wrote:
Andrew wrote:
Futility brought on by their own mistakes.
Are they mistake if they have no free will? If their mistakes are the reason they exist in the first place?
Whoops, there you go, asking the Ultimate Riddle.

Why you got to be asking all these Ultimate Riddles like that???

Homestuck is a seven act story, currently at Act 5. There will be a short hiatus 7/20 to 7/27, so now is a good time to get caught up, or reread the story.

Earth heroes


Alternian heroes


their social standing:


resources from the MSPA forums:

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current Incipisphere map by Tenebrais
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Current fan art threads, ripe for crossposting
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But wait, there's more! The MSPA format has inspired a whole forum of original adventures.
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