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2nd Annual D&D PaxEast Dinner (UPDATE: SO MANY PHOTOS!)

Irond WillIrond Will WARNING: NO HURTFUL COMMENTS, PLEASE!!!!!Cambridge. MAModerator mod
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First Course:

Macaroni: House cut ziti, Cream, Farmhouse Greens
Mixed Greens: Extra virgin olive oil, aged balsalmic, reggiano
Henry's Soup: French onion soup, Gruyere, Short ribs, crouton
Sliders: Meatballs, Mozzerella, Tomato sauce, Toasted buns

Second Course:

Risotto: Wild Mushrooms, Reggiano, Truffle butter
Wellington: Medium rare, Beef tenderloin, Wild mushrooms, Foie gras, Pastry crust, Red wine
Chicken: Pan roasted “Under a Brick”, Risotto, Mushrooms, Roasted garlic
Trout: Spinach, Shrimp, Tomato, Capers, Garlic, White wine

Third Course:

Tiramisu: Mascarpone, Espresso, Ladyfingers, Brandy, Chocolate
Chocolate Cake: Warm, Melting center, Vanilla bean ice cream
Crumble: Blueberries, Rolled oats, Cream cheese ice cream, Baked to order
Three Cheeses: House selected, Toasted walnuts, Lavander honey, Toasted Brioche

So, I guess it's coming up on that time again. Last year my fair city hosted the inaugural PaxEast convention and, more importantly, the inaugural D&D PaxEast Dinner! It was a ton of fun for me and, it seemed, for most other people involved. We ended up having somewhere over 30 people to the Panang Malaysian restaurant followed by drinks at the nearby Kingston Station bar (featured briefly, it turns out, in the recent movie The Town).

This year, we're holding the dinner at the Marliave, one of my favorite bar/ restaurants in the city. The Marliave is a venerable Boston establishment, just off of Beacon Hill. The Marliave is easily accessible to the subway (we call it "The T") as well as close to the bastard subway/ bus system (called the "Silver Line") that goes to this year's convention center.

Where: The Marliave, 10 Bosworth Street, Boston MA

When: 7:30 PM, Friday, Mar 11, 2011

What We Will Be Wearing: It's a nice dinner for classy adults. If you are a dude, wear a fucking jacket and tie at least, preferably a suit as well. If you're a lady, dress smartly and appropriately for a nice night out. Save your cat ears or naruto tee for the SE dinner, pls.

How Much Will It Cost: Because it is Boston restaurant week, only a prix fixe menu will be available, and will cost $33 per head. I'll post the menu when it becomes available. Drinks around $10 and beer/ wine around $5. This represents a good value for what will almost certainly be a very nice meal, though I understand that it's a lot of money for a lot of people's budgets.

How Do I Get There?: The closest T stop is probably Park Street, on the Green/ Red Line. It's a few blocks walk from there. If you're coming up from the convention/ seaport area, you'll take the silver line I THINK to South Station and either walk the half-mile from there or transfer to the Red Line up to Park. The Silver Line is a little confusing because it's basically an underground bus and also there are two different silver lines.

You can also walk up from the Seaport District, but it's not a particularly nice walk. The area between downtown and the convention center seems to be a gigantic parking lot that sometimes has a circus in it. It's probably a good mile or so.

What If I'm Driving?: Just Don't. Boston isn't Houston. Park at some outer T stop like Alewife or Quincy or something and take the T into the city. Otherwise you end up parking at like Postal Square and get charged $10 per hour or something.

How Late Will It Run? Last year we closed out the bar and ended up staggering home at around 1 AM or so. I guess we'll see how it goes this year.

I am But a Babe, Not Yet 21. Can I join in? Absolutely! Only be aware that Boston bars are quite used to underaged students owing to the density of schools in the area, and are not shy about carding or denying you alcohol.

So, I'll be updating this announcement as our plans develop, but please use this thread to ask questions or reserve a place. Given that we expect to have a large party, I'll need to know in advance whether you will be attending as well as how many people you plan to bring. Like I mentioned, last year was a blast and I look forward to hanging with my forum bros again this March!


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