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A man named Monkey

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This thread is about this here game:

It is an awesome little game made by Ninja Theory and written by the dude who wrote 28 Days Later and Sunshine. It sadly got looked over by most people during the Holiday frenzy.

The story follows Monkey, a drifter who travels the post-apocalyptic wastes of New York in a world where machines have wiped out most of humanity. It is an adaptation of sorts of the ancient Chinese novel, Monkey: Journey to the west.

He is mo-capped and voiced by this dude:
He is awesome.

Also, he drives a motorcycle and fights with a bo staff and has a hover-disk named Cloud. Yes, he is Wolverine and Goku in the future.

His companion is Trip, a member of one of the last surviving human settlements. She uses one of the machines slave headbands to force Monkey to help under pain of death. She is played by this lady:
Her video game character is significantly more attractive.

The game is a third person action-adventure thing, similar to a Prince of Persia game. What sets it apart is the absolutely fantastic motion capture and voice acting. The story is also very interesting and the world is gorgeous.

It's kinda short so maybe rent it or pick it up if you can find it for cheap!

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