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[Deadlands] The Weird West (OOC)

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The year is 1877, but the history is not our own...

It's time to play some Deadlands. But, you may ask, what is that game? Deadlands is a RPG that was released in 1990, and instead of the sword and sorcery, the setting was a steampunk Wild West where the dead walked, gamblers played demons in poker for power and magic returned to the world. If this sounds up your alley, if you want the chance to play a mad scientist, a gunslinger, or a card-tossing huckster, read on.

The Weird West starts out as a sort of Alternate History: long ago, around the time of the Renaissance, a group of Native Americans finally succeeded at closing the doors to the "next world", referred to almost ubiquitously in the game material as "The Hunting Grounds." Doing so sealed the mystical gates between worlds, which made all magic, good or ill, much, much harder to perform. That was actually the goal, as "ill" vastly outnumbered "good".

All that changed on July 3, 1863. By this time, monsters and dragons were nothing more than folklore, footnotes in cultural history. Then, an enterprising (and vengeful) Susquehanna shaman named Raven re-entered the Hunting Grounds and succeeded at undoing the work of those who had come before him, opening the spiritual barriers between worlds once more. This would be Raven's Reckoning against the white man.

All Hell broke loose, and is none too interested in being caged again.

In this world, the Civil War drags on, zombies rose at the battle of Gettysburg, half of California has fallen into the sea, leaving a mass of canyons and islands, and a powerful strange new fuel has been discovered. "Ghost Rock" burns hotter and longer than coal, notable from the white streaks in the black rock, and the screams that emerge when it is burned. Scientists say it's merely steam and gasses escaping from the porous rock, but sometimes, the screams seem a bit too familiar.

The Details:

Is this your first time DMing a PBP?

Yes. I should mention that right up front, this is my first time, so things may be a bit shaky to start. Hopefully you can overlook the shaky start and we'll have some fun with the setting.

How many people are you looking for?

I was thinking about 4, but I'm flexible. not more than 6 though.

Which ruleset are you using?

The ruleset I'll be using is "Deadlands, Reloaded", the Savage Worlds ruleset.

That's all I can think of now, but feel free to ask questions, give advice or anything you'd like to help make this go smoothly. I love the setting of Deadlands, and I'm excited to get a chance to DM it. Thanks for your time!

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