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Internal wireless antenna question

Bionic MonkeyBionic Monkey Registered User, ClubPA
So, long story short, my wife destroyed her netbook's screen. I took off the screen, and bought a new monitor, so it's now essentially a nettop computer instead.

I had to pry the antenna out of the screen though, because otherwise it wasn't picking up any signal. The ends of the antenna were soldered to two sticky pads that look a lot like circuitry boards, except there's no actually circuitry visible on them. I want to just cram the antennas into the remaining half of the computer, but I'd prefer to get rid of these pads to make sure there will be room.

I'm thinking they were just there to keep the ends of the antenna stationary, so they weren't loose in the screen bezel, but before I remove them, I figured I'd check here to see if anybody knew any different.


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