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Massively Multiplayer Online Extravaganza: AWESOME POST in "The Free MMO Überlist - {updat

AldoAldo Hippo Hooraythe swamp, always the swampRegistered User regular
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So there's a lot of shitty Asian MMOs and I take perverse pleasure in describing them. This OKCupid-MMO had me searching for words: I am repulsed by the general premise of this game, but I found it hard to put to words why I think this way of dating is ridiculous.

Thankfully Pika browsed the site a bit more and found the perfect cash shop item.
Post: The Free MMO Überlist - {updated 3-feb}
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Posted by: PikaPuff
Original Content:
Aldo wrote: »
Then there's which is a dating game in which your goal is to go on dates with real people and find out if you're made for each other. I'm repulsed.



Aldo on
Elendil wrote: »
said Aldo hazily, before clop-clop-clopping out of the room


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