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Test Drive Unlimited 2 - PC Patch out, Consoles incoming

Big ClassyBig Classy Registered User regular
edited May 2011 in Games and Technology

Welcome to the Island of Ibiza!

Test Drive Unlimited 2 (TDU2) is a fantastic racing game developed by Eden Games and published by Atari. It will be the sequel to Test Drive Unlimited and the tenth game in the series. The game is available right now on Steam across the EU and US (possibly RoW too) and should be in the stores within the next few days for EU (consoles). Note that when first starting the game on Steam you must link your acount to the Atari website for scores and such I would think.

  • Oahu (island of the first game) is unlockable after reaching level 10. Completely redone for the new engine
  • Brand new physics engine , cars affected by rain, it washes off the body too
  • Lambo's are out sadly, something to do with licensing costs
  • SUV's are in as are off road races
  • Full day/night cycle (as oppposed to the weird semi-night of the first game)
  • Dynamic weather
  • Vehicle damage, finally. (first game only allowed regular traffic to be damaged)
  • 60 Levels to achieve in the storyline mode (done by purchasing cars, winning races, buying house and clothes, discovering roads and finding car wrecks)
  • Vinyl editor (similar to Forza apparently)
  • You can now have different headlight modes, turn signals and put your roof down! Loving it.
  • Exclusive club cars any member of c lub can drive
  • unlockable showroom vehicles by findin car wrecks
  • Motorcycles are out sadly, may come back as dlc (they left that open)
  • You can now walk around outside of your vehicle in certain areas (shops, home)

Multiplayer additions
  • 32 players in freeroam
  • 32 players can walk around the shops
  • you can ride as a passenger in your friends car, if he wants to show you a shortcut or something else he's found


Car List

Aston Martin, Audi, Dodge, Lotus, Mercedes and more. Yeah there's no official list apparently. Lambo's are definitely out as are motorbikes sadly. The latter has been talked about as being added in later in DLC. SUV's are a new addition too for off road racing and general hijinks.

Vehicles have cosmetic damage, does not affect handling. Rain however does. Its fully dynamic apparently. Its a good thing you can bring the roof back u pthen. Along with the roof up/down feature you can also have various headlight modes and use turn signals.


The Good Life Trailer

Beta footage

- [PA]Arcadians Unlimited
(Currently public until Sunday 13th Feb as the game will have released in all regions by then. After that it will be locked to keep it PA-only since it is club based)

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