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PAX Community Tee - PAX East beta test!

YamaraYamara Registered User regular
edited March 2011 in PAX Archive
PAX Community Shirts are here, and now on black tees (as well as a variety of colors)!


Shirts are available here:

After much forum collaboration, a PAX Community Heraldry has been created, trying to portray all (well, quite a lot) of the community events the community runs at PAX Prime and East. Thus the heraldry is split red and blue for both venues, with the Pre and Post dinners, Pubcrawls, button and card trading, and the mystery tours. Various trips and events flank. The Latin phrase says "strangers are friends," describing the willingness of the PAX community to welcome everyone into the group.

I have gotten approval for the PAX community logo (the text) and the heraldry from Khoo. He asks that items are sold at cost, and that the PAX community logo text be no larger than 4" when reproduced. In that vein, there's a one to two dollar mark-up to cover my store cost (which allows me to offer any variety of shirt). Any excess I get will be donated to Child's Play.

Read the thread on the creation of the heraldry here.

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