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Mod Forum Phalla: The Thread

Munkus BeaverMunkus Beaver Registered User, ClubPA regular
edited February 2011 in Archives
1. Moe
2. El Jeffe - Died Day One - Ramius Gambit/Black Knights - Villager
3. A duck!
5. Bogey - Died Day One - Vote - Good Wizard Ramius
6. Irond Will
7. Larlar
8. The Geebs That Is A Mod
9. Grifter - Died Day Two - Vote/Black Knights - Villager
10. Ceres

Once upon a time in the land of Arcadia...

Lord King Lewie Pendragon became deathly ill. Assassains had poisoned the child-emperor in the night, while the knights of the court slept. It was up to them to figure out who was responsible for this and deliver unto Lewie the antidote! Lest the his evil Stepfather come into power and rule over Arcadia with an iron-fist that would reduce the kingdom of Arcadia to a hundred years of torment.

The players of this tragic opera:
Moe the Resilent.

The only standing knight to have been democratically elected. He resents the upperclass for their mistreatment of his baseborn bloodlines.
El Jeffe the Spaniard
He's the only knight who....oh god dammit. ON-LY KNI-GHT. WHO NO SPE-KY THE EN-G-LISH. God I hope he dies in a river some day.
Sir duck the buff
His shimmering abs saved the queen from having to look at slobbering peasants all days.

Sir Mister Whoopsie Name the Whoopsie Named

Led an unsuccessful campaign against Huns which caused him to be shunned from his D&D group.
Sir Bogeyhad, The Chaste
Has absolutely, positively, never had sex with any white women.
Sir Irond Will, the not quite as buff as sir duck
Who nearly benched the chicken of angrul. Who nearly ran a 5k as gastor hill. And who personally wet himself during the squats of rivenshire.
Sir Larlar, the cactus

In his delirium, the boy king knighted a potted plant. Now owns a fiefdom and two voluptuous cactubines.

The Geebs who is a Knight

There are many Geebses. This one is a knight.
Sir Grifter the Doesn't Give a Shit
One of those Legacy knights. Dad owns a stables. You know the type.
Lady Ceres
We let a woman be knighted?

Together they formed a mighty band of heros whose names would be remembered throughout the ages as members of the Phalla of the Mod Forum.

Role PMs should be out momentarily.

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