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the wife has three great attributes: intelligence, a swiss army knife and charm

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it's valentines day and as such i want to hear about how wonderful your missuses (and misterers) are.

this weekend i was thinking about a new television. i had been humming and hahing for a while and i was humming and hahing in this particular store and i saw a few LED screens that were cheap, and after a bit of compromise over energy efficiency we decided on one. it seemed like a bargain and it was big. i was happy.

as the salesman was printing out the receipt or whatever i made a passing comment about a smaller version of the same brand tv, and how it was on special for an insanely low price.

"why don't we buy it, then?"

"but i want the big one, i like the big one."

"why don't we buy it as well. for like the bedroom, or something. it's energy efficient, too!"


so we walk out of the store with two brand new LED televisions

i am the luckiest man alive

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