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Critical Failures: AWESOME POST in "Craziest Gaming Stories that Actually Happened", by Sq

WildcatWildcat Registered User regular
Wildcat has reported a post.

I was looking up this story to relate to some non-PA gaming buddies of mine and it seems from what I can tell that no-one ever reported it for awesome, so I decided I would!

The original context was:
Squashua wrote: »
This thread was prompted from the current VtM Phalla where players requested I tell my Vampire story.
Post: Craziest Gaming Stories that Actually Happened
Forum: Critical Failures
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Posted by: Squashua
Original Content:
This is about the fifth time I've told this online, and this time I'm going to keep what I wrote somewhere so I can just cut-n-paste it next time.

My Vampire Experience.

edit: Spoiler'd to save space.

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