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[Mini]SPA: Skaian Strife: White King: Winning Karma

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The Battlefield is a planet at the center of Skaia. It undergoes a transformation with each player that enters the medium, and each new prototyped kernel introduced. It starts as a simple 3x3 chessboard with two kings in perpetual stalemate, and expands to a larger board and more exotic collection of pieces with the first player entering. Then it become a much larger cube with the second player. And then an even larger sphere, with oceans, trees, mountains and pastures with the third. It presumably will transform again with the fourth.

The armies of the black and white kingdoms duel there. Soldiers are airlifted from meteor facilities in the veil to supply the manpower. Enormous mutant chess-like monsters stalk the landscape. The two kings command their armies from the field. They each have a scepter that serves a similar purpose to the queens' rings. When activated, a scepter causes a king to be a giant, and bear the properties of all the prototypings. A king is able to deactivate a scepter, to hand it off to another so that they will not be affected in that way. When the black king captures the white king's scepter, the Reckoning begins. The Reckoning sends all the meteors in the veil toward Skaia, in stages. First the small ones, then gradually, the bigger ones, over a 24 hour period.

This is a 25 person miniphalla based on Andrew Hussie’s http://www.mspaintadventures.com.

As a fair warning, this came may contain mechanics some view as controversial, additionally, this is the first game I’m running, so if I’m pulling any phalla faux passes, please PM me about them.
Standard Phalla rules apply; no sharing of host PMs, screenshots, or anonymous contact. One ghost post with no game information. Send me links to any proboards created.

Every day, each person casts a vote in bolded red for a person to be eliminated. The vote trickles, if the vote target is eliminated by an ability, the person with the next amount of votes is eliminated. If there is a tie for the most votes, all members are eliminated.

Failure to vote for more than a single day will result in being replaced, or eliminated.

Vote close is at 9 PM PST/ Midnight (crew) EST.

Post or PM questions for clarifications in bolded orange

1. The Anonymous - Black Pawn BRUTEalized
2. Alegis Warweary Villein White Voted
3. [strike]Ringo[/strike] Neotoma White Pawn innactivus
4. Romanqwerty
5. Kias Black Pawn - mobbed
6. Towndrunk - Black Pawn WHITED Out
7. Lucedes Converted Pawn - CUT things a bit too close
8. Avraham White Pawn Couldn't Hoof it
9. CaptainPlanet82 - White Pawn Impaled
10. Thetheroo Jack Noir - Distacted
11. Over the Moon Black Knight Cut down in Wrathful Vengeance
12. 3clipse Black Pawn - Thrown against the white army
13. Capfalcon Black Queen Innactivus
14. Sir Fabulous White Queen - Sacrificed herself
15. Dragon6860 - White Queen Chose exile
16. Dunadan019 - White Rook lynched
17. Tommy2hands Black King Checkmate
18. Terrendos - White Pawn STOMPed
19. Samurai6966 Black Bishop trollcool.gif Double teamed
20. Farangu Black Rook mobbed
21. Jimtopia - White Bishop Got one too many BLACK eyes
22. Nodgarb - Black Queen mobbed
23. SeGaTai converted Pawn white knight
24. Void Slayer White Knight Mobbed
25. Antimatter White Pawn Sacrificed himself for king and country

1. Neotoma


This is a faction game
All actions occur at the end of the day, before the vote
The Vote is not guardable
Everyone mentioned at the end of the narrations, in colors, are dead
A faction loses when their king dies, but the players are not removed from the game

Thread: Sign up already

Day 1: Rise Up
Day 2: Aristocratic Abdication
Day 3: The queen is dead, long live the queen
Day 4: Black
Day 5
Day 6: The King stands alone
Day 7: Checkmate

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