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[BSG:BG] Exodus Game 3 - Game Complete.

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Base Set, Pegasus Expansion, Exodus Expansion
After forty years passing without a single word from the Cylons, they returned, and all but eradicated the human race. In this time of strife, they must put aside the petty differences that once separated them and focus on one thing — survival.

Humanity's only hope of a future is to find a new home; a place called Earth. The Cylons, however, are in constant and tireless pursuit. They now look, breathe and bleed exactly like humans. Cylons have infiltrated the Fleet, destroyed resources, and threaten to finish the extermination they have begun. The humans have no choice but to run, plagued by the paranoia of an indistinguishable enemy.

Are you a Cylon who will help to erase any memory of the human race? Or will your resilience and determination to survive prove to the Cylons that humanity is worth saving?

In the basic version of the game, players take the roles of prominent figures in the remainder of humanity working toward the goal of reaching Kobol, the first step on the long road toward the legendary planet Earth. However, hidden among their ranks are Cylon infiltrators, who seek to end humanity for once and for all. The Pegasus expansion adds a new scenario following the second leg of humanity’s journey, to the settlement of New Caprica and the subsequent escape after the Cylons discover and occupy the planet. Pegasus joins the fleet to provide support and additional options, and the new role of Cylon Leader is introduced, whose goals may differ from their fellow Cylons. The Exodus expansion adds three modules to the game, including the Cylon Fleet board and CAG title, new Loyalty Cards in The Final Five and Personal Goals, and the Ionian Nebula goal, which introduces more effects through Trauma tokens that affect both the players as well as new NPCs among the fleet. The following rules apply to the new situations and rules introduced in the Pegasus and Exodus Expansions. For rules that apply solely to the base set, look to one of the older games.

Rules and Utilities

Base Set Rules, from the publisher's website
Pegasus Expansion Rules, from the publisher's website
Exodus Expansion Rules, from the publisher's website
FAQ and Errata, from the publisher’s website
Player Aid 1 (Base Set), on BoardGameGeek
Player Aid 2 (Base Set), on BoardGameGeek

Notes and Guidelines for this play-by-post game:

The Board

General Game Flow and Victory Conditions

Character Selection

Human (and Unrevealed Cylon) Game Turn

Revealing as a Cylon

Revealed Cylon Game Turn

Cylon Leader and Sympathetic Cylon Game Turn

Admiral, President, and CAG



Skill Checks

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