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Snow Day in O-Town

Volucrisus AedriusVolucrisus Aedrius Registered User regular
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So; in a dazzling display of austerity and omniscience, carefully intertwined with untold misanthropic malice, Almighty God has called down a wrathful confluence of snow and ice upon the normally damp Northwest.

My hometown of Olympia, Washington is getting coated in wet snow, which rapidly is disintegrating to slush on all the roads. This has the marvelous effect of turning them into shitbrown troughs through the snowfall, like the skids your mother used to bleach off your tighty-whities.

What the fuck is up with this shit, God? Huh? This is probably our punishment for being a heathen town full of homosexuals and hippies.


And look what you're doing to downtown! Normally this time of year we just get deluged in rain for a month or two.


This a thread for people to talk about how much Goddamned snow we're experiencing. Even if you're not from the Northwest! This is also a thread where people from Godforsaken hinterlands like Michigan can freely lambaste us poor Nor'westerners for crying over a tiddly few inches of snow. You'll look like a jerk, but in the words of the all powerful Olmec from Legends of the Hidden Temple: "The choice is yours - and yours alone!"


TLDR: Bring it on, Jehova!

Friendly reminder:
In the Latin Alphabet, Jehova begins with an I.

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I would dunk it so hard my parents would love each other again
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