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Dilberts & Downsizing at [Mini]Phalla Bell [Reserves welcome]

CapfalconCapfalcon Tunnel Snakes RuleCapital WastelandRegistered User regular
edited March 2011 in Critical Failures

Everyone knew downsizing was coming. Someone in management decided that if they got rid of all the engineers, they could profit the payroll as bonuses! Heck, theoreticaly, if they cut enough costs, they could even be profitable if they didn't sell anything!

The company probably will go down in flames, though. But that's the stockholders problem. And sales. And marketing. And engineering. And, well everyone who's not a manager to be honest. But the managers decide the direction of the company. And the diection they want is all the way into the ground, baby!

But, someone [strike]incompetent bufoon[/strike] manager let it leak. The mail describing the plan got CC'd to the whole company. The engineers, in an entirely out of character move, find their spines and fight back. Their plan?

Well, they're working on it. But if they get rid of all of the Managers, the company will enter a glorious age of productivity and stockholder value will skyrocket! Until someone steals all the office supplies for personal profit anyway. So, for about a week or so.

This is a normal mafia vs village mini-Phalla for 26 people. Standard rules apply: no sharing of host-provided PMs via screenshots and direct quotation. No anonymous contact is allowed. No “death posts” that reveal any information, no multiple “death posts”.

If any players create proboards, please send a link for it to the host.

Every day a player must make at least two posts to avoid getting transferred to the Inactivus project. Vote in red, retract in lime.

Vote close will be at 10 PM CST, although this is open to discussion if a different time is more convient.
Sign up in lime, clarifications in orange.

Player List:
1. 3clipse (AKA Ted, the generic guy) - Cubicle Justice'd
2. The Anonymous
3. Void Slayer
4. Romanqwerty - Ted, the Generic Guy - Mysterious termination
5. Alegis
6. scuss (AKA Tina the Technical Writer) - Downsized
7. Trust
8. Kilroy (AKA Mordak, Preventer of Information Services) - wedgie'd
9. Over The Moon
10. Dunadan019
11. Matev
12. Phyphor - Ted, the Generic Guy - Human Resorces
13. Extermatott - Ted, the Generic Guy - Wedgie'd
14. Wildcat (AKA Ted, the generic guy) - Inhumane Resources
15. Sir Fabulous (AKA Dilbert) - Downsized
16. Heffing - Alice, the Engineer (Odd Vig) - Victim of Cubicle Justice
17. jimtopia
18. Spoit (AKA Ted the Generic Guy) - Inhumane Resources
19. Daniant - Cathy, the secretary (Serial Killer) Cubical Justice
20. towndrunk34
21. MaxFrost
22. Erich Zhan (AKA Dogbert, Supreme Ruler of Earth) - Cubicle Justice'd
23. Oldmanken - Ted, the Generic Guy - Management attrition
24. ZapRat
25. CaptianPlanet82 - Asok, the Intern (Seer) - Downsized
26. mascara305

27: Unsalted

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4


Villager PM

Capfalcon on


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