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[Comics News] IV: The Voyage Home

CrimsondudeCrimsondude Registered User regular
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Welcome to GV's fourth comic book news thread. This is the thread to talk about news on events in comics and about comics generally. This is the place for news on the business of comic books, such as news on creators deals and sales. In addition it's a place for discussing general announcements, new imprints, new ongoing and comic book minis, etc. It's also the place for news on comics that might not have their own regularly-discussed threads.

A Note on Twitter
Twitter has become an invaluable tool for spreading comics news and commentary instantly, and often first-hand. The comics community (creators, publishers, and journalists/news sites) has thoroughly embraced Twitter, and just about anyone you may want to follow is on it. I'm sure there are plenty of creators on Facebook and/or fan pages for them, but fuck Facebook.

CBR's impressively comprehensive Comics Twitter Directory

Comic Book News Sites
The Comics Reporter
Comic Book Resources Newsarama IGN Comics
Comics Bulletin
Bleeding Cool
Major Spoilers
The Beat
L.A. Times: Hero Complex
The Weekly Crisis
Fourcast! (Podcast)
20th Century Danny Boy -- Tracking Marvel v. Kirby case.
Comic Book Podcasts

Awesomed By Comics (with an actual lady podcaster!)
G4 Fresh Ink Online (Video)
Indie Spinner Racks
War Rocket Ajax: The Official Comics Alliance Podcast
Word Balloon: The Comic Book Interview Podcast

Comic Book Comics #5 by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey is the all-lawsuit issue.

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