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Starcraft 2: Patch 1.3 on SEA! Notes on Page 93 (too long for OP)

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Artwork provided by forum member Wakkawa. Visit his site and buy some amazing work at inexpensive prices. Commissions available!

The Starcraft II discussion thread


MNC Dover and the SC2 thread people proudly present:

The Weekly Forum Challenge!

WFC #1

Our very first WFC player will be mEEksa! Here's his info:

B.net id: mEEks.331
Race: Random
Rank: Roughly high diamond.
Coaching: No thanks.
Time Zone: EST
Match format: Bo3

Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day weekend people, but be prepared to raise hell and throw down hard come Sunday. PM, post, or b.net message mEEks to set up times!

Join in on weekly tournament fun. Two tournaments available, one for lower leagues and one for the higher leagues.


Replay of the day!

A new feature where the thread creator will grab a random replay posted in the thread and feature it here on the front page. Make sure to upload your replay submissions to submit your replay using gamereplays.org.


Start here to better craft some stars.

OK that's all cool, but I want to play with some PA people. Easy, follow these 5 simple steps.

A list of other PA related SC2 stuff.

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