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Villains, heroes and silly essays.

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So in the thread jnewkirk2001 made to talk about how Iranians are retarded manchildren we got into a discussion about villians.
mrpaku wrote:
mrpaku wrote:
speaking of murder this class assignment is making us choose a favorite villian and elaborate on what makes them such a good villian and you can choose anyone and this stupid bitch chose the fucking hamburgler and oh god i think i have to kill her


i want to read her paper
The villain that comes to my mind is the Hamburglar. His appeal and brilliance is in the fact that he has immersed himself into the McDonaldland society, and into polite TV society. He is a basic villain made of instinct. He isn’t an outlandish villain trying to take over the world and by that delusion he fails, he is simple. He needs to eat so he steals hamburgers. He is a criminal but his peers at McDonaldland accept him. His basic character is even cheered on, and his image as a thief is marketed everywhere. One can even question his cheery demeanor, is he really Ronald’s friend, or is he getting close to the clown to get what he wants? Another appeal he has is his anonymity. His clothing shows he is a criminal but this helps him to blend in with the McDonaldland group by his eccentricity. He is disguised not only by his clothes but also by his language. “Robble, robble” does little to reveal who he really is. And though his vocabulary has been expanded through the years the only thing shown is his love for food and stealing. Where many villains are considered grandiose and insane the Hamburglar is subtle. His image of thieving is rarely seen as negative. While some parental groups have tried to rid McDonald’s of the Hamburglar for the message he is sending he is still eluding the moral masses. Accepted, stylish, and mysterious the Hamburglar has yet to come to justice. I find him intriguing because he is a villain, but he has yet to be stopped.
Pata wrote:
I read a hilarious essay one time someone in my speech class wrote explaining how Mario is really the villain and Bowser is the hero. It goes through each game hitting all the major points, his best example was how Mario sieges the castles of Bowser's children and assassinates them all in World.

That sounds awesome.
Well I contacted my old classmate and got the essay I mentioned. I figured I'd post it here.

So yeah. It certainly is the interesting perspective. It's pretty easy to twist perspective and view certain stories differently.

tl:dr (seriously, I understand) = Talking about Hamburgler as a master-villian and Bowser as a hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and Mario a political assassin.

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