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It's That Time Again

KetBraKetBra hiRegistered User regular
edited March 2011 in Singularity Engine++
It's time for another

Canadian Election!

So, all Opposition parties have declared their lack of faith in the current government, and it looks like there will be a non-confidence vote called by the Liberals on Friday when they have control of the schedule of the House of Commons.

So, who are the players in this election?

First, the head of government, the guy that has to actually call the election:

Governor General David Johnston
He's the guy that's technically in charge of anything but is really just a figurehead. I guess he also likes dressing up.

Then there's our current Prime Minister, and Leader of the Conservative Party:

Stephen Harper
He's the guy currently fighting for his job. I guess he also likes leather.

Then there's the current Leader of the Official Opposition, as well as Leader of the Liberal Party:

Michael Ignatieff
He wants Stephen Harper's job. I guess he also likes cheese.

Next up is the leader of the New Democratic Part:

Jack Layton
The man with the magical moustache. I guess he also likes Star Trek.

Moving onto Quebec, we have the Leader of the Bloc Quebecois:

Gilles Duceppe
He likes Quebec! He's a big scary separatist! I guess he also likes fish.

Finally, we have the Leader of the Green Party:

Elizabeth May
She just wants to get elected! I guess she also likes...uh...looking scary.

As for issues, we have: the purchase of F-35's

the regular old economy stuff

as well as a whole swack of ethical issues!

So, Canadian SE++ers, what are your thoughts on the election? Which parties do you like? Which do you hate?

Are you curious about how we elect our House of Commons?
Here it is!

Do you like yelling? This guy does!

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