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[Mini] - WoD of Darkness Game Over! Vampire Victory!

LoserForHireXLoserForHireX Registered User regular
edited April 2011 in Critical Failures

The World of Darkness. Not a pleasant place to live. Not if you are a normal, average person. Factories churn out pollution with no one to stop them. This kills plant and animal life and poisons even the people who work there. It is a darker reflection of our own world, a place that no one of us would envy. In addition to all the crime, pollution, and disease that runs rampant in the World of Darkness, there are also all manner of things that go bump in the night.

Vampires stalk the cities, feeding on people like cattle. Werewolves stalk the wild places, locked in their eternal battle against the Wyrm, an entity bent on corrupting and degrading the world. The Fae, a race of beings from the dawn of man, spawned from his earliest dreams, are dying. Thriving on imagination and creativity, they barely survive in a world seemingly dedicated to the erasure of the human spirit. Mages, men and women gifted with the power to alter reality itself hide among mankind, disguising their workings as coincidence in order to avoid the touch of Paradox. With all of these things stalking the night, humanity is outclassed. In this world, there are only three concerns, wake up, breathe, keep breathing. Now it is your turn to step into this world. Let us see if you can survive.

This is a mini-phalla, designed for 30 players. This is mostly a standard phalla, with no really odd powers. There is a mafia, out to dominate, control, and feed off humanity. The majority of players will be your average, run of the mill human beings, just trying to get by. They are not interested in being dominated, controlled, and fed off. Thankfully, there is also a group of individuals who are also not to keen on that happening. There are no conversions, thralls, or millers.

There will be a VOTE every night to establish who Fate, who's attention is never good in a place like the World of Darkness, will touch with an unfortunate demise. You may retract your VOTE if you wish, but you don't need to.

The normal rules apply. No quoting of role PM's, and I must be added to any pro-boards that are created for nefarious plotting. I like nefarious plotting.

Any clarifications may be requested in Bold Orange

This phalla will see its day's end at 6:00PM PDT (because that's where I live, and what time all my clocks say). Calculate your own end time accordingly, please. Orders sent to me before that time will count, anything time stamped after 5:59 PDT will not be counted.

Now is the time to join the ranks of the players in this game in some sort of suitably COLORFUL fashion!

I'm looking for game start to be Sunday evening at 6:00PM PDT

Sample Villager Role PM

Narration for start of day 2
Start of day 3
Start of day 4
Start of day 5

LoserForHireX on
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