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Puppies... no, we didn't need puppies

Regina FongRegina Fong Allons-y, AlonsoRegistered User regular
edited April 2011 in Help / Advice Forum
I will spare you all the story of how we ended up with two 7 week old daschund-pekingese mix puppies.

I guess they need names.

I like Bruiser for the male, and we were thinking maybe Sophie for the bitch. She's the smart one by far, she needs a smart name. The male is much bolder than his sister, and correspondingly he's *ahem* not exactly a brain trust.

I'm open to suggestions, but we're not going with anything overly nerdy, mythological, and we're probably not going to go with anything literary (these are yappy little kickables after all, not pure-bred abyssinians).

The male puppy

The female puppy

Bonus cuteness (raiding Rex's toy bucket)

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