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(Artwork provided by forum member Wakkawa. Visit his site and buy some amazing work at inexpensive prices. Commissions available!)

The Starcraft II discussion thread
(Channel PA on NA)

The SC2 thread proudly presents!

1. The Weekly Forum Challenge

(Organizer: MNC Dover)

Our sixth WFC player will be Anzekay! Here's his info:

Forum name: Anzekay
B.Net ID with 3 digit code: Anzekay.817
Race played: Zerg
Rank: Platinum
Do you want a coach?: Not really, but wouldn't turn one down
Timezone: West Australian time (GMT+8:00 or exactly 12 hours ahead of EST)
bo3 format

Challenge our player by sending him a PM, post, or message to set up times!

Here are the replays of the WFC prior:

2. PA showmatch series #2 & #3

(Organizer: Enigma435)
When you step on this deck, you be ready to fight, or you dishonor the reason why we're here. Now remember this: When you fight a man, he's not your friend.

Watch PAers engage in friendly (most of the time) combat for your entertainment!

3. Replay(s) of the day! (4/26)

(Organizer: whoever created this thread)

A random replay of the play donated by our forum-goers. Make sure to upload your replay submissions to submit your replay using And be a pal and mark your replay as ROTD material in your post so they're easier to find.


Start here to better craft some stars.

OK that's all cool, but I want to play with some PA people.

JK. I like watching Starcraft instead. Where can I watch some good games?

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